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Interest  rates on savings are at an all time low. Are you looking for alternative ways to earn money on your hard earned savings or pension funds?

Most Buy-to-Let properties, particularly in  the south-east make only a small profit after expenses & taxes, relying on market growth for eventual profits. We believe a true property investor should be looking to make returns by adding value at every stage. Whether that is on a recurring and ongoing basis once the property is set up or a development which adds value to land or an existing property. Any capital growth from rising markets should be treated as a bonus, not an expectation. However achieving this from a deal requires different thinking and different property set-ups.

At Blackrock Property we have focussed on high yield properties such as HMO & Multi-let where a house is rented room by room to young professionals. This gives a much higher ongoing yield/return than single-let properties.

We also undertake conversions of unwanted offices or derelict industrial buildings into new homes, often helping first time buyers make their dreams a reality. This can give great returns to investors looking at timescales of around 18 months per project, but typically involves a much larger investment.

We do not deal with student or LHA/benefit properties as the risk of damage and rent arrears is much higher.

To finance our deals we partner with private investors as well as banks and using our own reserves. We are always looking for new partners and we welcome any discussions about how we can work together.

Typically we work with investors on a loan or joint-venture basis. We can offer security against the development property in an SPV LTD company set up.

All  investments can only be discussed in detail once HNWI or Sophisticated Investor status has been established in accordance with FCA PS 13/3.

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